How to download a TCX file from Ride with GPS

  1. Go to a Ride with GPS link
  2. On the top right of the page click the “EXPORT” tab
  3. Click “TCX Course” – you will get a “coursename”.TCX file downloaded to your computer
  4. Attach your Garmin Edge device to your computer with a USB cable
  5. Once the drive is mounted, copy the .TCX files to the Garmin/NewFiles directory
  6. Eject your drive and let the device start up
  7. The courses should appear in the routes section

Concord to Wachusetts – 78.68 mi
Ride starting in Concord center through Acton, Littleton, Harvard, Lancaster out to Mt. Wachusetts and back. [course: Abdinoor]

TPW 2016 Rides
Friday 24-mile “warm-up”: to the start of the Kearsarge climb, a time trial for the climb to the top, descend 6.5 miles back to Colby-Sawyer. Approx. 36 mi total.
24-mile warm up cue sheet
24-mile route/Garmin [course: Whipple]
time trial route/Garmin [course: Whipple]

Saturday 68 mi ride: with an option to cut it to 48 mi.
68 mi ride cue sheet
68 mile ride/ridewithgps [course: Fayemi]
68 mi ride/Garmin – missing the final 2 miles from the intersection of 114 and 111 to Colby-Sawyer and start/end points are in the wrong place [course: Whipple]
48 mi cut off/Garmin – only shows a 6-mile cut off back to Rt 11 and then you retrace earlier part of ride back home. Note: shown backwards. [course: Whipple]
42 mile option/ridewithgps [course: Fayemi]

Sunday 38 mi ride: (the same ride we used to do on Friday).
38 mi ride cue sheet
38 mi ride/ridewithgps [course: Fayemi]


Coming soon…


Walden Yards and Routes
A single-page PDF version of two maps made using a GPS. One map shows distances in yards, the second shows routes for .5 mi, .9 mi, and 1.2 mi swims. More info: Walden Pond State Reservation

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