Becky Paige IMLP 2017

Becky Paige: IMLP 2017 Race Report

What a day for Team Psycho! Neil Withington winning her AG by about 2hours and this is a few weeks after finishing RAAM! Mike Davis who is having an EPIC season getting 2nd is his AG, not to mention this is his 2nd Ironman this year! In her very first Ironman, Jody Dushay places second in her AG and gets a coveted Kona spot! And Paul Gompers valiantly getting to the finish line, even though his body had had enough. Attached is a picture of Mike, Jody, Neil and I at the awards ceremony.

If you are bored and are remotely interested in reading a quick race report – see below.

As far as I’m concerned, the most exciting part was the last 6 miles when the wheels were coming off, but I suppose I should start at the beginning.

This was my 10th Ironman and every single morning last week I’d wake up to the feeling of impending doom because I knew there was no way around it, it was going to hurt – a lot. Why in the world do I do this to myself! Saturday as I was lounging around with my feet up I came across the movie ‘The Princess Bride’. I imagine many of you have seen it? Well my mantra for the IMLP was “ My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father. Prepare to die!” No matter what Inigo would not give up. It sure seemed like an appropriate!!

I was pleasantly surprised with the swim start – I thought I was going to get pummeled by a bunch of big galoots in the first corral, but it was relatively smooth sailing for the entire first loop. I even got to see the cable in the water at one point! Although on the second loop I ran into a massive wall of slower swimmers. It not too hard to get by because you can pass fast, but I had to zig-zag all over the place. It slowed me down, but I figured it was slowing my competition down as well. Just keep going and make forward progress…

Onto the bike – it was a little cool to start – high 50s I think. I took the time in T1 to get arm warmers on because I was concerned that I’d be shivering on the descent into Keene. My goal was to ride to the best of my ability and to be wise throughout. I’d like to point out that is is easier said than done, but remarkable I did what I was suppose to do. Also, you couldn’t ask for a better day condition wise. I had announced to Karen that my race mantra was from The Princess Bride and she must have joked about it with Gina and John. Because when I came to the turn back into town after ascending ‘Papa Bear’, Gina and John scream out “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” They put a smile on my face and reminded me to just keep going and make forward progress…

The run – I was running well, for me, on the first loop. Felt as good as one can I suppose. On the second loop I was trying to think of the turn into that stretch of River Rd. as The Energy Lab. Get in and get out! Then at around mile 17 I started to feel some twinges of cramps in my foot. Ut-oh. Ignore it until the next aid station and then start fixing the problem. I decided to quickly walk through the next aid station and make sure I got plenty of drinks. I knew that I was being hunted down and I had limited time to spare. I kept telling myself to be strong and keep running. Then at mile 19, I felt knocking at the backdoor. Oh shit, literally. I tried desperately to ignore it, but then it become evident that I could not. At Mile 20, I run into the porta-potty and was efficient as possible. I know I’m losing valuable time. Mile 21, all my toes are in a ball. My right calf is starting to get twinges of cramping. I’m trying not to trip and keep running. Mile 22 – I walk the aid station grabbing what I can, downed some HOTSHOT, endurolytes, coke, water, anything I could get my hands on. Keep moving is all I’m thinking. Turned up and out off River Rd. and I was so desperate that I had to walk the hill. It was more efficient that running, but I am fully aware I’m losing even more time. My feet, calves – my legs are screaming! I start to make deals with my body – just run. I’m so close to finishing and yet so far away…. I get to that fucker of a hill up into town – Mount Everest!! -you know the one. Gina and John are there screaming! I ‘run’ by them then I had to walk. I turn the corner – Karen is screaming – I’m in distress and tell her I’m cramping so bad. She tells me to keep moving and try to fix it at the next aid station. Mile 24+ – Mirror drive – I walk the aid station trying to down more endurolytes, guzzling coke, water, anything! I start to run, then walk a little, start up again and then walk again. I’m so close! I made a deal with myself – no more walking at the final turnaround – run! I get there and go. Sure enough the girl hunting me sees me and smells blood. GAH! RUN!!! I get to the section where you split off to either go on to your 2nd loop or head into the oval and I hear Karen screaming at me to hold it together!!!! I ran like my life depended on it and it worked! …Luckily. 🙂 I held my spot and got my AG win and 10 OA finish. Sunday July 23, 2017 was a good day for me.

Onwards to the next race. Though, I need to let my aching body rest first.

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