How to download a TCX file from Ride with GPS

  1. Go to a Ride with GPS link
  2. On the top right of the page click the “EXPORT” tab
  3. Click “TCX Course” – you will get a “coursename”.TCX file downloaded to your computer
  4. Attach your Garmin Edge device to your computer with a USB cable
  5. Once the drive is mounted, copy the .TCX files to the Garmin/NewFiles directory
  6. Eject your drive and let the device start up
  7. The courses should appear in the routes section

Rutland State Forest 40mi 2500 ft
“Truly awesome” gravel ride. [course: Marius by way of Pat who got this ride from the famous “Kenny”]

Concord to Wachusetts – 78.68 mi
Ride starting in Concord center through Acton, Littleton, Harvard, Lancaster out to Mt. Wachusetts and back. [course: Abdinoor]

TPW 2016 Rides
Friday 24-mile “warm-up”: to the start of the Kearsarge climb, a time trial for the climb to the top, descend 6.5 miles back to Colby-Sawyer. Approx. 36 mi total.
24-mile warm up cue sheet
24-mile route/Garmin [course: Whipple]
time trial route/Garmin [course: Whipple]

Saturday 68 mi ride: with an option to cut it to 48 mi.
68 mi ride cue sheet
68 mile ride/ridewithgps [course: Fayemi]
68 mi ride/Garmin – missing the final 2 miles from the intersection of 114 and 111 to Colby-Sawyer and start/end points are in the wrong place [course: Whipple]
48 mi cut off/Garmin – only shows a 6-mile cut off back to Rt 11 and then you retrace earlier part of ride back home. Note: shown backwards. [course: Whipple]
42 mile option/ridewithgps [course: Fayemi]

Sunday 38 mi ride: (the same ride we used to do on Friday).
38 mi ride cue sheet
38 mi ride/ridewithgps [course: Fayemi]


Coming soon…


Walden Yards and Routes
A single-page PDF version of two maps made using a GPS. One map shows distances in yards, the second shows routes for .5 mi, .9 mi, and 1.2 mi swims. More info: Walden Pond State Reservation

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