About Team Psycho

Founded in 1991 as an informal group of four triathlon training partners in suburban Boston, Team Psycho has since become recognized as one of the premier triathlon teams in the world.


Team Psycho (“TP”) is made up of highly successful triathletes, duathletes and other multi-sport athletes centered primarily in the New England region.  Team members have turned in some impressive performances in just about every major Ironman race, as well as RAAM, Leadville mountain bike and run, Iditabike, Boston Marathon, and numerous road races, crits, and others.  We’re very competitive with each other, so if two team members show up for a training swim/ride/run, it’s probably turning into a race.

Our elite members include Ironman champions Karen Smyers and Dede Griesbauer.  In addition, Team Psycho created the TP Elite Development Program, which currently sponsors three 2012 Olympic hopefuls: Alicia Kaye, Ethan Brown, and 2008 Beijing Olympian Jarrod Shoemaker. 

Despite success at the races, we don’t take ourselves too seriously….Seriously.

We are not solely focused on results.  Team Psycho sponsors numerous local races, with the goal of working with emerging races to create greater awareness for the sport of triathlon. We helped start, and continue to support, the Harpoon Brewery to Brewery Ride (B2B) with our long-time partner Harpoon Brewery.  We run an old-school “suck-it-up” indoor time trial every year that attracts some of the strongest cyclists in the Boston area.  Additionally, our members support numerous local and national charities.

TP is the place where we all go to let loose our demons and push the limits, surrounded by others who hear the same music and “get it”.

In short, this is not a place to learn more about the sport; Team Psycho is not for beginners.  However if you want to push the limits and have fun, maybe end up in the hospital, then bring it on.

So come race your ass off, and then stop by the Team Psycho tent after to hang out.  See you at the starting line.

Psycho Karma.  All day.  Every day.

TP nicknames– sometimes harsh, always amusing…

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