Membership Criteria

If you have not already figured it out, we’ll state it here: Team Psycho is not your average triathlon team nor are the members normal.  We are decidedly not mainstream, which is fine by us. We call it “Psycho Karma” which is the social and competitive spirit in balance.

Team Psycho is part training group, part racing team (triathlon/multisport focused, but not exclusively), and part social club. We thoroughly enjoy pushing to the edge / crossing the line “full gas” and hanging out or racing with others who get that. But we’re not 100% focused on racing at the exclusion of everything else. This is also not the place for people who are not serious about racing, or who are not up for some serious suffering to meet their racing goals. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We balance our careers, families, and training, trying (probably unsuccessfully) to balance racing with life. Our team members do more than triathlons. Our multisport pursuits include cyclocross, road racing, cycling races, gravel riding, mountain biking, swimming events, running, duathlons, aqua bike, cross country skiing, paddleboard events and just about any other aerobic competition. Chances are you have seen us on the podium locally, at Nationals, and Worlds. As a club, we are one of the top teams nationally.

We are proud of the work we do for the charities we support, and with the phenomenal work that Karen Smyers and Dede Griesbauer are doing with the Team Psycho Elite Development Program (EDP). Through the EDP, we have provided support to elite athletes on their path to the Olympics. We “give back” to the sport through many initiatives like the Lincoln Kids Triathlon, the B2VT ride, and our general enthusiasm and racing spirit to perform at our best.

But mostly we enjoy training, racing, and hanging out together.

How to join


  • Training e-mails fly around regularly on our “Greater Psycho” group mail, so if you want to join the list, click here: Greater Psycho Group
  • There are numerous masters programs and spin classes classes frequented by Team Psycho members, or you can join our weekend rides/runs.
  • Reach out on our social channels:


  • Come to our key events and find us on the starting line.
  • Even better if you beat us!


  • Come find us after a race and we can all talk about the sport we love.
  • Participate and get to know the team at our key events.


Application criteria

  • Submit a letter of application expressing your interest in joining the team to a Team Psycho Board member.
  • Ask for letters of recommendation from two current Team Psycho members. (No recommendations from current or past coaches.)

If you have any questions, please ask us at an event or on a training ride.

That’s it! But really, you have to ask yourself – why you want to join. Are you ready to push yourself to your limits?

See you out there.

Team Psycho Board

Team Psycho Sponsors