Psycho Karma

Psycho Karma™ – an attitude

Psycho Karma is an elusive quality that we seek out in prospective members. But don’t go looking for a checklist – or a formal initiation ritual. Psycho Karma is an attitude – towards training, racing, and life.


Psycho Karma – pushing beyond reason

Psycho Karma has never been fully defined, but like excellence, we know it when we see it. If James Dean had ridden a bicycle (and hadn’t smoked), he might have been a member. If the Road Runner ever got in the pool, learned how to swim, and bulked up those birdie shoulders a little, the Road Runner (but not Wile E. Coyote) might have been a member too.

The exploits of real live members with Psycho Karma usually involve pushing the pace beyond reason – especially on the bike. Throwing up is often a factor.

Dogged persistence in the face of adversity is also part of Psycho Karma, and for this, Karen Smyers is one of the main templates we use in defining it. If you don’t know who Karen is… well, come back when you do.

But enough talk. Come join us for a workout and you’ll see exactly what it’s all about.

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