EDP Update: Summer and Kirsten Smash Super League

Congrats to Summer Cook and Kirsten Kasper who backed up last week’s WTS Grand final with this week’s Super League Triathlon.


The Super League Triathlon features a really exciting 3 stage format.

Stage one is a series of 3 races, called the Triple Mix:


Each with a 10 minute break between each.

Stage 2 is The Equalizer. It is a 2 part race consisting of:

Stage 1 – Cycling individual time trial

Stage 2 – Pursuit swim – Swim, Run, Swim, Bike, Run

Stage 3 is the Eliminator.

The eliminator is also a 3 stage race, with 10 minutes between each round, but the 10 minutes starts when the winner of the previous stage finishes, so your individual rest will depend how far behind the leader you are. After each round, athletes are eliminated based on overall finish.

Stage 1 – Swim-Bike-Run – top 15 advance

Stage 2 – Swim-Bike-Run – top 10 advance

Stage 3 – Swim-Bike-Run – The first athlete across win the Stage.

Each Stage is assigned a points value and the person with the most points wins.

Summer finished 3rd in the Equalizer and 2nd in the Eliminator, placing her 2nd overall. Kirsten was 4th overall. Some VERY intense racing over a couple of days.

Congrats Summer and Kirsten!

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